What Is A Virtual Assistant And Why Hire One?

What Is A Virtual Assistant? A Simple Definition

What Do Virtual Assistants Do?

Common tasks for a Virtual Assistant

Additional tasks for a Virtual Assistant

what is a Virtual Assistant? - Virtalent

Who Are They?

How To Start Off With A Virtual Assistant

1. Analyse your needs

2. Firm up that you need a Virtual Assistant

3. Decide what you want them to do

what's a virtual assistant? - Virtalent

4. Next, find a Virtual Assistant!

  • Any skills or knowledge they must have.
  • Any “nice to have” aspects to this.
  • Any industry experience they need (e.g. someone who has worked with a consultancy practice before).
  • Knowledge of specific software (e.g. Xero).
  • Preferences on their working style or personality.
  • … or anything else you can think of here!

5. Provide crystal clear instructions

6. Make sure they have everything they need

defining the role of a Virtual Assistant

7. Allocate ad-hoc tasks

8. Communicate

9. Provide ongoing support

How A Virtual Assistant Can Benefit You

Top Tips For Using Your Virtual Assistant

  • Think about the areas you most need assistance with and discuss how they might be able to help.
  • Set out your expectations right from the start.
  • Ensure they always have clear instructions from you.
  • Adapt their role as the business grows.
  • Maintain efficient, helpful and clear communication.




Co-Founder at Virtalent.com and remote entrepreneur

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Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson

Co-Founder at Virtalent.com and remote entrepreneur

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